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Friday, June 16, 2017

Aerogas Catalytic Combustor (ACC)

Aerogas Catalytic Combustor (ACC): anti-pollution, eco-friendly Filipino invention 
              Engr. Marino C. Martinez (edited)

Aerogas Catalytic Combustor (ACC) is an anti-pollution, fuel saver and power booster engine device. It has practical application on all types of internal combustion engines like engines of Jeeps, Cars, Trucks, Ships and Motorcycles and even Gas Fired Power Plants at a very economical cost. It was invented by Engr. Marino C. Martinez, a chemical engineer. 

The Aerogas Catalytic Combustor (ACC)
The gadget has been rigidly tested with machines and on the road by government agencies like DENR-EMB, DOST – PICIERD, ITDI, LTO and private users at the onset of legislation of the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999. These are proofs of the effectiveness of the ACC to reduce pollution by as much as 82%, fuel saving by as much as 32%, increase horse power and torque by as much as 7.95%. These figures shows that engine combustion efficiently has significantly improved if not perfected.

The Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 under Section 3 states, 'the state shall pursue a policy of balancing development and environmental protection. To achieve this end, the framework for sustainable development shall be pursued. It shall be the policy of the state to:

C. “Focus primarily on pollution prevention rather than control...” '

Thus, the strongest issue on the climate change are not the results but the cause which comes from emissions; the carbon dioxide (a green house gas) and primarily the largest contributor to global warming. It is normally assumed that the amount of the CO2 given off is directly related to the amount of fuel burnt. However CO2, CO, HC (hydrocarbons) can be significantly reduced by introducing elements to the combustion reaction that dissociates oxygen from the hydrocarbon compounds, separating and increasing individual elements like carbon particles (as soot), oxygen gas and the largest amount which is water vapor in the engine emissions. Thus, largely reducing CO2, HC and even NOx (oxides of nitrogen) which are poisonous and pollutant greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 
DENR-EMB Test Results on May 1999 showing 82%
reduction of HSU reading with installed ACC
ACC utilizes this process: the Chemistry of Sublimation – releasing purified gas elements to create high speed flame when ignited simultaneously with hydrocarbon fuels in the internal combustion chamber separating carbon from oxygen to deplete CO2 and poisonous gases. Because of its high speed flame, the elements reaction is compatible to all levels of octane rating for gasoline fuel and cetane for diesel fuel, thus detonation does not occur (detonation creates detrimental effects to the engine.) the high speed flame significantly increases if not inducing complete combustion. In the process, CO2 and other harmful gases are depleted significantly reducing health problems and global greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately mitigating the devastating results of climate change.

Despite ACC's current effectiveness, we continuously do research and development to improve ACC to a much more better product in the future which is more effective in minimizing the hostile effect of global warming and combating the increasing hydrocarbon fuel price.

Paris Agreement is our world's second attempt from the first, the Paris Protocol, to mitigate the effect of climate change. This is our chance to do it the Filipino way!

Source and Photo Credits: 
Engr. M. C. Martinez via e-mail


  1. I think the real inventor of aerogas is vic ayco. Kindly make a true research on this.

    1. Hello!

      This article was contributed by Engr. Martinez with minor edit by the blogger. If Mr. Ayco would like to submit to us an article about his invention, we would love to feature it here too.

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