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Friday, July 12, 2013

IRONMATE® - cut your flat iron electrical consumption up to 53%, a diligent Filipino invention

Electric bills, water bills, phone bills, internet bills, credit card bills and all other bills are the main recipients of Filipinos' income at the end of the month. What’s left for an average income earners whose salaries are barely enough for the family’s food and everyday needs?

Cutting down these bills are necessary. If not to eliminate, at least reduction shall be done. In the case of electric bill, some people resort to cut their electrical consumption illegally especially those who are leaving in overpopulated areas. But what if we can do it legally without compromising a necessary household chore that needs electricity? Yes, there’s a way. 

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Electric iron is one of the appliances that consumes electricity a lot. A typical clothes iron has 1000-1800 wattage. To save electricity, a former teacher in Albay, Rodolfo B. Biescas, Sr. invented the IRONMATE®. Due to his love for the ordinary Pinoys, and believing that the Filipino is a creative persona and has strong global-standard that one can be the pride of Asia, he began inventing and innovating things that Filipinos may benefit. He believes that “Necessity is not the mother of all Inventions” because there are inventions that are not necessity like those that causes destruction. IRONMATE® was invented in 1988. Sir Biescas applied patent in 1990 and granted in 1991. 

The IRONMATE® is a device which automatically shuts off the electrical flow towards the flat iron when the iron is rested or not in use without losing the heat energy. It can save up to 50-53% of energy consumption and electricity cost. It is portable and made of fiber plastic crystals, with the stainless steel plate and a heat indicator at the rear side.

Major highlights of the IRONMATE® include: 
  • Timely energy saving & fire safety device for flat iron. 
  • Pay only what you actually consume in ironing clothes 
  • Multi-awarded Filipino invention 
  • Conserves heat and reduce electrical consumption by 50-53%. 
  • Controls built-in loss in ironing – electrical consumption automatically stops and heat conserved when the flat-iron presses the push button while rested on the IRONMATE® during frequent idle periods
  • Ensures fire safety in ironing 
  • Automatic shut off power 
  • Portable and easy to use. 
  • Affordable 
  • Voltage: 220v 
  • Power Capacity: 1000 watts 
  • Fuse: 10mA
Due to the excellence of the product, it became a recipient of the following awards.
  • 1993 National Inventors week and Golden International Expo ’93 – Gold Medal 
  • 1999 Phil. Official Entry to: 27E Salon International DES Inventors- Geneva, Switzerland 
  • 1999 Official Delegates to Europartenariat, Vienna Austria I-TEX 2000 international Invention, Invention Industrial Design and Technology 
  • Putra World Trade Center – Malaysia – Broze Medal 
  • National Inventors week 2000- Tuklas Award – Outstanding Invention
The IRONMATE® was featured in various television programs such as SiS of GMA7, Shopping Network (ShopTV),  and Venta5 in ABC 5

Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr.,
inventor of the IRONMATE®
Among his other high-impact technology inventions and innovations which concretely addresses pressing global concerns on energy, environment and health are the following: Multi-Cooler Fan (Semi Air Conditioning Unit), Ironmate Economizer (Energy Saving Device for Flat Iron), Super Flame (Charwood Stove) Brickcoal (Charcoal Briquettes) Cosmic Pure (Water Purifier), The Pacman (Mechanical Street Sweeper), Sapun (Sanitary Disposal Toilet Seat Cover), and Nature’s Air (Car and Room Ionizer), a timely health advocacy during this times of spreading environmental pollution in society. He is also one of the founders of the Filipino Multi-Purpose Cooperative and credited for eight inventions/innovations which he developed, patented spanning 25-year period (since 1982).

To order this product, contact 09293189480 or 09759270863. You may also send an e-mail inquiry to

Tangkilikin po natin ang sariling atin.

Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr.

Photo credit:
Rodolfo B. Biescas Sr.


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