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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Air Cleaning Device with Ionizer (Nature's Air Room Ionizer)

A breath of fresh air

Nature's Air air cleaning device with ionizer

Air pollution may well be dubbed as the silent killer for it harms the unsuspecting individual who inhales its harmful micro-components. Through the years, the quality of air in many parts of the world has been deteriorated continuously and beyond acceptable standards. There are several types of air pollutants but the most common are particulate matters, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and total oxidants. Other equally harmful air pollutants are hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. Medical experts discovered 18 species of pathogenic fungi and 20 types of bacteria in the circulating dust.

Metro Manila's surrounding air has no cleaner. A study done by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) found that pollution level in the metropolis is three times the normal level with particulate matter of nearly 600 exceeding the WHO safe dust level of 120 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

Now, we are introducing our latest technology, an air cleaning device with ionizer that will eventually removes smoke, dust particle, odors and even air-borne micro-organisms that spread diseases inside your room and your office. 

Benefits of Nature's Air
  • It will remove airborne contaminants.
  • Activated carbon filter will remove odors/fumes emitted from closets, household cleaners, paints varnishes, personal care products, cigarettes and cooking smoke.
  • Negative ions revitalized the air just like the natures after the storm, near a waterfall or near the seashore. Studies show that the negative ions beneficially affect human biochemistry both physically and mentally.

Nature's Air, an environmental friendly invention, is a perfect solution for this kind of environment that we suffer from odors and microorganisms. This latest Filipino technology helps eliminate harmful dust particles, smoke and airborne microorganism that spread diseases in children and elderly.

The properly-designed modern ion emitter produces a combination of negative and positive ions in a ratio of 4:3. This ratio helps the dust particles and carbon monoxide settle to the dust collector inside the unit, rather than on other surfaces. The excess of negative ions also helps to restore nature’s ion balance and enhance natural health and well being of the user.

Technical specifications

A new and improved air ionizer, the NATURES AIRE is available for purchase. Go to our online store for contact details.

Rodolfo Biescas Sr.


  1. Wow, just love it ! The air we breath is more or less polluted depending on where we live ... As an asthmatic this device seems an utmost to me !

    1. Truly, this is a very innovative Filipino invention and has been installed in various hospitals and clinics throughout the country. This lightweight ionizer are also installed in private establishments, homes and offices.

  2. There are numerous decisions for the consumer in the marketplace.Your decision of air purifier will be totally distinctive as per what you are trying to accomplish.For instance,if your main goal is to clear the air of allergens,you ought to pick an air purifier which would uproot the large particulates, for example,pollen with a pre-filter,additionally littler allergens,which would be particulates from 0.3 to 5 microns in size.These littler allergens incorporate mold,bacteria,animal dander,exhaust, and house dust parasite allergens.

    Kathy Brooks.

  3. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just
    shared this helpful information with us. There are many negative ions present in the air flowing around us. When we breathe this polluted air, we get affected with several air deceases like asthma and others. It is better if we can have an air purifier to filter the air and clean it form harmful particles.

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    I’m really impressed with your blog article, such great & useful knowledge you mentioned here